Algunas de A..... hermosa

>> 18 June 2008

A, es de Amor, como es ella, todo una ternura a pesar de lo que dice su mami, pero como decimos aqui en nuestro Pais, vive con ella para que sepas lo que es bueno.....
Esta beba que ven aqui es mi primita A..., tiene casi los 9 meses y le encanta que le tomen fotos, disfruten algunas que le hicimos hace 2 semanas!
Disculpen la tardanza en los posts!
A, as in spanish is a word for Amor (Love), that is her name initial, she is such a sweetness in spite of what her mother says, but we have a saying here in our country, live with it to know what is good....
This baby here is my little cousin A..., she's almost 9 months and she loves to be photograph, she enjoyed so much, enjoy some of her pictures from 2 weeks ago session!
Sorry for de delay on posting!

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Sharon Miller August 2, 2008 at 11:12 PM  

She's beautiful and you've captured her wonderfully.