Sneak Peeks

>> 26 March 2008

Just to share some of them


Beautiful Pregnant Girl

This is a session that I have enjoyed a lot, she's a friend, a mother, a daugther, a wife, a WONDERFUL person and she's my friend, and I have the pleasure of making this pregnancy shots for her.
I hope you enjoy them. These are Sneak Peeks due to time, soon more to come with a magical touch.....
A thank you for letting me do this


Wonderful Places to take Pictures

Def these are beautiful place wheres pictures can be taken!
and you just walk into the park and there is, this beautiful way..the zoo....
Just wanna share this pics


Finally he is Posing for me

>> 20 March 2008

I can not believe that he is posing for me, No way, it must be a miracle, he never wants to pose, he is starting to hate pictures taken by me, when he sees the Camera he instantly says NO Mami, I don't want photos..... hahahaha, but this thime was diferent, he sugest me to take this photos.
Take a look of them
I love this one

I mean, and this one, really posing

and this one he asked me to take a picture for the candy machines


a few to refresh my blog

>> 17 March 2008

Sorry to all of you that have stopped by to see something and I haven't updated since Valentines, I promised that I will keep it up tp da date after our wonderful vacations!
Thank you for being patient.....

the above one was in Galveston