OMG..... I won in 2 of my favorites BLOGs.... This so good!!!

>> 30 October 2007

Today I have no pictures "yet" to show, this is a quick note to let you know that I'm sooooooo happy because I won in 2 differents BLOG that I read every time they post something new!!!!
Thank you Kilye from
PHAUNT for being a great teacher with the freebies, tutorials and giving us too many actions to work with... I love the Proca....... package, the WLS and SIYH Revised, Can't live with out them now!!!!

From Phaunt I won a certificate for the Issue N3 of Design Aglow.....
Design aglow

And Sarah from
Sarah Turner Photography also give us many many tutorials and ideas from her pictures....
Check their Blogs and you will see the amazing work!!!!!

This is one of my photos that will be edited By sarah and posted on Friday.... Can't wait to see how it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you ladies and the best for you both!!!!!!!!


From a newborn session

>> 24 October 2007

I haven't finished editing yet but I will posting as soon as I finished them...


Other Samples for Cards

They are so many, that you can change color, letters, pictures and many things.
I hope you like some of them.

This model is different from the other but still looks nice


Other Christmas Cards

>> 21 October 2007

Some other cards, from the manu models that you will have to choose!!
Saty connected to the Blog, this week will be more mini-sessions coming for Calendars.... so keep this BLOG in mind!







Offerning Mini-Sessions with Holiday Cards

As Christmas Season is coming, from now on start booking Mini-Sessions for holiday cards in a package of 25 prints out in 4"x6" or 5"x7" or 6"x8" size, you will choose the size you like the most for all of them.
There will be each 5 cards per model, that you can choose from many of them.
Email me to know the price and more details....

These are some models of the christmas cards:






Thank you for stopping by and leave any comment~


Pregnant session from this weekend in Maturin

>> 16 October 2007

Finally I had the chance to make a session here in Maturin. and these are the pictures that were taken, I'm pretty satisfied with the results, it came out great and we find great landscapes......
Check them out!

This one in Black and White

Another in the middle of nothing. but I really love the colors brought by Phaunt Actions


Working on designs for Christmas!!!

>> 10 October 2007

check some of them!


Isn't she Adorable

This little girl (only 20 days old) took me 2 hours prior to start the session, she is so spoiled already, that she was crying because she only wanted to be in yher mommy arms...... and breast feeding at any time, but she is just adorable, after those 2 hours, she was like an angel. very quiet, as you can see in the pictures here:

her grandma has this Baul in her house with some magazine on it, I took out the Magazine, put some pillows and a baby blanket and then the baby girl, this is the final job!!!! what do you think?

some others......

In her room

One in Sepia Tone


A session during our trip

This little girl is five months old and she is so awake, and beautiful...
this is like if we had fall in our country!!!! lovely colors

and these ones, just beautiful