OMG..... I won in 2 of my favorites BLOGs.... This so good!!!

>> 30 October 2007

Today I have no pictures "yet" to show, this is a quick note to let you know that I'm sooooooo happy because I won in 2 differents BLOG that I read every time they post something new!!!!
Thank you Kilye from
PHAUNT for being a great teacher with the freebies, tutorials and giving us too many actions to work with... I love the Proca....... package, the WLS and SIYH Revised, Can't live with out them now!!!!

From Phaunt I won a certificate for the Issue N3 of Design Aglow.....
Design aglow

And Sarah from
Sarah Turner Photography also give us many many tutorials and ideas from her pictures....
Check their Blogs and you will see the amazing work!!!!!

This is one of my photos that will be edited By sarah and posted on Friday.... Can't wait to see how it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you ladies and the best for you both!!!!!!!!

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